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If and When, Part 3 (Team Covenant M6)
Team Covenant woke up in a makeshift infirmary near the center of town. "Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear," muttered what could only be described as a warm voice from overhead, and Theo shifted groggily, trying to gain a grip on his surroundings. "Oh, dear, you've got cuts and bruises all over your shell, lie still now."
The Happiny held a firm hand on Theo with surprising strength for one so small, checking his wounds. "Oh, you're lucky that they're only flesh wounds. You could have ended up like your friend over there; he won't be able to fly for weeks!"
Theo's stomach dropped. "Is he OK?" he asked, trying to get up, but the Happiny's firm grip kept him down.
"See for yourself," she said, pointing to the stretcher beside him.
Martin was lying there, staring dully to the side as his wing was wrapped in heavy bandages, by an Audino with a surgical mask. He winced occasionally, but was otherwise silent. Upon seeing that Theo was awake, he said, "Afternoon, Theodore. I trust you are alright?
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God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 18
"In Which I Take a Test That Requires Cooperation
I slurped my Casteliacone hungrily as Elizabeth and I sat at one of the little shaded benches that lined Mode Street. The verdant trees rustled as the wind swept through them, and even though it was starting to get cold there was no way I was not getting a Casteliacone on the perhaps my only visit home during my journey.
Elizabeth, who had been doling her own little sundae into her mouth daintily, played happily with her new Pidove. I looked at him, curiously. He was standing straight and tall, chest puffed out and staring unblinkingly forwards. I had waved my hand in front of his face, did a little spooky dance, even snuck from behind him and shook him like a doll, but the Pidove had responded only with what appeared to be a quick chirp and a…salute?
"It's official," I said, as Elizabeth happily called Smeems the Pidove back into his new Poké Ball. "We have the weirdest teams in all of Unova
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If and When, Part 2 (Team Covenant M6)
A Stygian darkness enveloped Martin as he awoke. He coughed fitfully, wincing as he shifted his broken wing. Immediately, Theo came to his side, ministering to the Spearow as gently as he could with the darkness pressing in on them. "How are you?" grunted Theo, standing by uneasily. Despite his efforts, the Venipede could do nothing to help his friend, and it was frustrating him.
"Not very well," said Martin, terse with pain. "But I'll live." He blinked furiously, trying to pinpoint Theo's face or indeed any aspect of his surroundings, but the inky blackness was like a veil pressed right up against his eyes, muffling and suffocating. "Would you mind enlightening me on the nature of our current predicament?"
"Well...there was a cave in," said Theo. "If anything else was going to fall, it would have, so at least we're safe from death by crushing. I hope."
"Inspiring," said Martin, dryly, and a sharp twinge of pain cut short his little streak of sarcasm. "Anything else?"
"I don't know if
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Sad Balloon by Kwihll Sad Balloon :iconkwihll:Kwihll 8 1
God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 17
Chapter 17: In Which I See to the High Society of the City
"What is it exactly that I'm looking at here, Elizabeth?" I asked, shifting in the little red velvet seat. It made my butt ache.
"It's Cats," Elizabeth whispered, over the grating music.
"What's a cat?" I asked, head cocked.
"Oh, it's just, like, a scientific name for a Purrloin or a Leopard or whatever," whispered Elizabeth, irritably, eyes glued on the stage. "Tony, be quiet and watch the show!"
I would not relent. "Then why don't they just call it Purrloins?" I asked, perplexed. This mystery demanded an answer.
"Is that anywhere nearly as catchy? Purrloins? Honestly, Tony, you have no sense of showmanship," hissed Elizabeth back, refusing to look at me.
"I too do have a sense of showmanship!" I said, voice rising indignantly. It wasn't as if our fellow audience members couldn't hear the music over us, but all the same I earned a couple stares from the crowd for my outburst. "I have
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God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 16
"In Which I See to the Mean Streets of the City"
Over the course of the next few days, I almost forgot that I was actually a trainer. Returning home had restored a sense of familiarity and an old pattern that had been missing in my one week as a trainer. Had it really only been one week? It had felt much longer than that.
Elizabeth visited regularly, and eventually Mom was forced to warm up to her. Of course, Dad cracked jokes about "my little girlfriend" all the time, but after a while I let them roll off. He was Dad, after all. He shipped me with every friend who happened to be a girl I had.
I considered going straight to Burgh's Gym, but Elizabeth wanted to challenge the gym together.
"Look, Tony!" she said, showing me her two badges. "It took a lot of work to train Dorothy until she was strong enough to take on a Pansear on her own, but see! And then Jenkins made short work of Lenora, although when she used Retaliate…" She stopped suddenly, but recovered beaut
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God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 15
"In Which I Might Take Care Lest I Become One"
I woke up the morning after defeating Lenora, tousle-haired and bleary-eyed. "Oh, guys, I had the weirdest dream," I muttered, running my fingers through my hair. "There was like a guy, right, with this big flaming Stoutland or something, and then Elizabeth was there for some reason and she…she hugged me…"
"Sounds stupid," said Theo, bluntly.
"Yeah," I muttered, but already the details of the dream were slipping away from me, like water through cupped hands. "Weird."
Theo had gotten up early, for reasons unknown, but he was an exception. I almost tripped over him as I went to check on my other Pokémon; he was so much bigger now it was like having a spare tire that happened to move, eat, sleep, and be your best friend lying around. I edged past him as he rumbled past on whatever errand Theo had in mind.
Martin was still on the balcony, head snuggled under his wing, and I left him to his rest
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If and When, Part 1 (Team Covenant M6)
"He's gone."
This wasn't exactly an observation requiring massive amounts of insight on Theo's part, but its simplicity carried a kind of deep profundity.
"He's gone," Theo repeated, scratching his bandana with his right antenna irritatedly. "The moment I get here, he leaves. I was kind of hoping to meet him."
"It is no fault of ours if M. Shroomsworth has abandoned his own flock!" trilled Martin, grooming his wings sleepily. "Although I imagine that you would be more distraught over the passing of such a loved and magnificent benefactor such as the Elder," the Spearow said. "Rather than some miscreant who goes gadding away at the first sign of trouble."
"The Elder's gone, too," muttered Theo, scratching at his bandana again. "Although he always said that the living shouldn't stop for the dead. And the gone." The Venipede sighed. "Mister Shroomsworth is gone. He left when I hatched in Sapling. Now he leaves when I come to Tao. It just doesn't seem fair..."
"And woe betide us that such
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"In Which I Partake in a Number of Shenanigans"
The road through Pinwheel Forest was easier, this time. Most young trainers gave me a wide berth as Martin flapped through the air intimidatingly behind me, although I did manage to make a hefty sum of money by challenging the more cheeky ones. They fell easily to my two newly evolved Pokémon, and we exulted in our strength. We were on top of the world! We had beaten two gyms in record time and it seemed like we were going to breeze through our third.
I tried to give Tiana plenty of chances to train up, sending her out against all manner of Pokémon, although she seemed to prefer to stay back and watch Theo and Martin execute their moves with their powerful new bodies, and tr
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God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 14
"In Which I Learn the Basics of Love and Loss"
I held up my hands, stumbling away. "Whoa! I'm- I'm not looking for a fight, I -."
"What you doing in a gym, then, huh? This is a place for fights," said the trainer, rolling his neck as he went for his Poké Ball. "So, unless you want me to get you disqualified from your challenge, you're going to give me the best fight you got."
Quickly, I went over my options. I wanted Theo and Martin strong for the fight against Lenora, but I supposed I could run off to the Center in-between the matches. How much time would that give me, though? Would I be caught before I got my badge? I could send Tiana out, but she was still weak and inexperienced…
"Theo, you think you can handle this one and still be ready to fight later?" I asked.
"I think I'll manage," said Theo as his tails cocked. With a flash of red light, the trainer's Herdier popped out, grinning wickedly. The two Pokémon circled, sizing each other up.
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God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 13
"In Which I Tarnish a Cathedral of Learning"
Gloomily, I sat and stared at my Tympole. Our foray into finding the merchant last night had not been the most fruitful expedition. We had found him, alright; we had found him in prison for smuggling illegal contraband from across the border from Sinnoh. We hurriedly left the scene and prayed that we would not be guilty by association, although this unfortunately left us short one translator.
Tiana did not seem to mind. On the contrary, as she warmed up to us and the notion of being a trained Pokémon, she had begun to sing: strange, not altogether human songs that were nevertheless beautiful. And, for all intents and purposes, they were as good for conveying her mood as Martin's flowery words and Theo's little actions.
But it couldn't tell me what she wanted for breakfast without some very extensive trial and error, which was why I sat with my finger on the room service button, knowing that by the time I figure
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God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 12
"In Which I Am Their Friend, Not Leader."
The downpour was mercifully short. I left the shelter of the cave almost immediately; I didn't think I could have endured the steady metronome of dripping water running down the stalactites any longer. Martin, eager to stretch his wings, took to the skies immediately as Theo struggled to pull his many legs out of the mud.
We made progress quickly through the forest and back onto the main path. I guess most of the trainers had fled back into the safety of the towns when the storm hit, because the middle of Route 3 was strangely deserted. We walked the path unimpeded for the rest of the day, and without any Patrat messing with me this time I made it to Nacrene before nightfall.
After reserving a room at the Center, I pursed my lips, thinking. I was caught in that time of evening when it was not quite late enough to retire but just late enough that I started to think about it. I needed something to fill my time now that Elizabeth
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God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 11
"In Which I Reach the Eye of the Storm"
When morning came, we ate together in silence and without ceremony. There really wasn't much to say to each other. As we were packing our things, though, double-checking in the Center lobby to make sure we hadn't forgotten anything, Elizabeth pulled out a navy blue, sport-y looking jersey.
"Here," she said, softly. "I bought it for you."
I took the shirt, surprised. It was short-sleeved and light, and was probably going to cope better with the weather when it was summer again, but the gesture was…kind.
"I'm sorry," I stammered. "I didn't get-."
"It's fine," she said, slinging her own little pack over her shoulders. "The trip was fun. Thanks for everything, Tony." She gave me a little wave as she backed away, then turned around without another word and walked away. With a pneumatic hiss, the double doors slid away and she walked out.
Elizabeth was gone.
I had only known the girl for four days, but for some reason those four d
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God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 10
"In Which I Get Extremely Worked Up"
Slightly concerned by my spontaneous freak out but with the customary politeness befitting his profession, Chili straightened himself. "Well, it's always nice to see a trainer who's raring to go! Or shall I say, flaring to go?" He gave a dapper grin.
I glared at the gym leader as the diners chuckled appreciatively. "Do you guys really find it funny?" I muttered, under my breath. "Everybody always gets suckered in by these guys. No one ever suspects a thing…"
Theo was already out, and it WAS true that he was raring for a fight as Chili released his first Pokémon. A Lillipup came out in a flash of red light, barking like mad, a little bit of slobber dribbling down from the sides of its mouth. It panted hungrily, circling around my Venipede as, wordlessly, the fight began.
Swishing his tails in the air, with yellow eyes narrowed, Theo hissed, antenna stiffening as little flecks of poison glinted in the light. My starte
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God Only Knows Four Moves: Ch. 9
"In Which I Overcome a Perfectly Rational Fear"
Scrambling out of bed, I knocked over Theo and Martin's Poké Balls in my haste to back away from the window. The two exploded out in two flashes of red light.
I jerked backwards, even more freaked out now, shaking my finger wildly at the window and at my Pokémon. "Do you see it?" I hissed. "It's there! It's right there!"
Roused from her slumber, with her blanket wrapped around her shoulders, Elizabeth shuffled up to my door. "Tony," she mumbled, blearily, "what's wrong?"
"The thing with- with the eyes! The red eyes!"
Elizabeth rolled her own eyes, which were consequently also red and puffy, but with sleep. "Tony, it was just a nightmare, go back to sleep."
"No, I swear, I saw-!"
"What's all this, what's all this?" asked our host, bustling inside our conjoined room. "You're waking up all the other children!"
"Please, Miss," I pleaded, turning to her, clasping my hands together and getting on my knees. "There's th
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Infinity Seven Takes On the Coming Zerg Invasion

:icontechgnotic: by techgnotic
StarCraft II is the hot tournament videogame that just may breakthrough as the harbinger of the esports phenomenon and one of the great cultural game-changers of all time.
Midnight in Anaheim. Caffeinated casters boom rapid fire commentary rattling the packed hall. Elite Starcraft players from around the globe execute complex strats that would have made Rommel the Desert Fox himself proud. 20,000 are in attendance, on the edge of their seats, and cheering as loudly as any soccer match as they watch the 30-foot screens hanging from the rafters. Another four and a half million are watching the streams live. The feeling is that of an NCAA Final Four game, set in a European soccer stadium, somehow shoehorned into a casino showroom in Las Vegas. It’s all of the skill, the fan devotion and the spectacle anyone could pos
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 417 324
Black Templar: The Crusade Begins! (Complete) by NicholasKay Black Templar: The Crusade Begins! (Complete) :iconnicholaskay:NicholasKay 4,797 411 Adeptus Mechanicus Cogitator Interface Animation by Light-Tricks Adeptus Mechanicus Cogitator Interface Animation :iconlight-tricks:Light-Tricks 257 53 Afrobison used SURF by SnowboardingTaco Afrobison used SURF :iconsnowboardingtaco:SnowboardingTaco 7 5 Typhlosion's Lava Plume by arkeis-pokemon Typhlosion's Lava Plume :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 2,262 97 PMDe one year anniversary by ouroporos PMDe one year anniversary :iconouroporos:ouroporos 218 20 Protoss Propaganda Poster by ProlificPen Protoss Propaganda Poster :iconprolificpen:ProlificPen 650 98 Swanky by HappyCrumble Swanky :iconhappycrumble:HappyCrumble 366 26 Starcraft II Minis: Zerg by Draguunthor Starcraft II Minis: Zerg :icondraguunthor:Draguunthor 1,239 300
Pedestal: Chapter 1
First & Long-ass Author’s Note That Should Tide Y’all Over For The Rest Of The Story:
w0000000000000000000000000000000000000t. For all those just joining me on this lovely journey we’re about to start, this is the result of nostalgia, conversations with a fellow Pokemon fanatic, and us being second-semester-seniors. A good friend of mine and also an author-slash-artist, Nyaa-Neko-chan, and I made a pact. What is this pact? To have a story completed by the time we graduate. This story shall have at least 15,000 words, as well as meet a few other criteria. This is the beginning of that story.
BUT FIRST A WARNING. Nothing will be safe from me in this story. Since this is a last hurrah, so to speak, I am hauling out the big guns. It will be random, it will be angsty, it will be special. I am using any original character that I own that I want--not all of them from the Pokemon universe, either. So if you read about a character in the following who
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So it turns out that I can't balance work with writing as well as I thought. I'm over at one of USC's summer programs right in now in an intensive creating workshop, and I have had no time all week to work on God Only (or the week before that, in case you guys didn't notice.) I'm afraid I'll have to announce a little three week hiatus, because I kinda want to get a good grade in this class :D and because it's actually really useful and I might come out of this with some nice literary techniques in my writing toolbox.

Still might manage to squeeze out something, but no promises! Peace.

Also, I discovered Game of Thrones this last week, which is quite possibly the most infuriating/addicting series I have ever seen in my entire life.
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